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Wine Tasting Timing

Jan. 03, 2020

Of all alcoholic beverages, wine is the most expensive. Liquor that grows older and more fragrant seems to be immortal due to its high alcohol content. Rice wine that has been fried at high temperatures is nowhere to be found. Beer flowing on iron dining tables is far less valuable.

But wine is afraid of freezing in winter and hot in summer, and it is necessary to prevent the tide in spring and autumn. If she is a little bit waited, she may "sacrifice herself into vinegar", plus the price of a bottle of hundreds or thousands of yuan is really let People are slack, and it is no wonder that some people say that buying wine and raising wine is like having children and raising children.

The seemingly hard body of wine is actually very sensitive to the storage environment, and the ideal wine hotbed needs to have the "6 constant" condition. The first is to be "constant". The best "body temperature" of wine is 10-15 degrees Celsius, which is too low Temperature can cause wine development to stagnate and fall asleep, and it is more prone to crystallization and precipitation. Excessively high temperatures will accelerate the oxidation of the wine, which is the aging process. It is no exaggeration to say that a summer at room temperature is equivalent to 2-3 years of age, and most wines on the market have a drinkable period of 3-4 years. Without any temperature control, then The vitality of most wines is exhausted within 2 years. Depending on the type and vintage, different storage temperatures are required to best display its flavor. Old wines, liqueurs, champagnes, and white wines need to be stored at about 10 degrees, and young red wines need to be stored at about 15 degrees. So how can you achieve the ideal storage environment? The wine cabinet and ice bucket from Mingxin perfectly explain this point. In the same closed space, the high temperature area and the low temperature area are distinguished, and the large, medium, and small pulls are stored in the high temperature area. In the champagne ice bucket store champagne, liqueur and white wine. When you want to drink, just take it out and enjoy.

The second "permanent" refers to "permanent darkness". Just as ultraviolet rays in light can damage our skin, ultraviolet rays can also destroy the wine's body structure. In order to prevent light damage, most wine bottles are made green or brown, blocking out some of the ultraviolet rays, but still need to place the wine in a dark place to store it away from light. It is also best to use low heat LED light sources.

The third "Heng" is "Heng Jing". Similar to the principle of heating microwave ovens by transmitting microwave vibrations and rubbing the molecules of food, wine that has been in a vibration state is always heated, and the oxidation rate will naturally increase a lot. Mingxin's LED champagne cabinet makes your love wine grow quietly.

The fourth "permanent" is "permanent lying". When the wine is placed horizontally, the wine stopper and the wine liquid are kept in contact with each other to keep it moist, thereby maintaining the expansion state, preventing the entry of most air and preventing oxidation. Everyone knows that the best environment for storing wine is the cellar, and the Mingxin wine cabinet is not just a simulation of the temperature and humidity in the air. This is a true manifestation of internal luxury, which perfectly simulates the natural development environment in the wine cellar.

The fifth "constant" is constant humidity. The wine is best stored in an environment of 60-80% humidity. The reason is the same as that of constant lying. And into strangling the fine wine in the trance. However, the humidity should not be too high. If the humidity continues to exceed 90%, it is very easy to breed mold, and there is a risk that the wine will lose its freshness and "mold". Constant humidity is definitely a rare wine cooler feature. Because constant humidity is not equal to humidity, let alone put a humidifier in the wine cabinet, but it needs to be ventilated and humidified, which can take away bad air and maintain humidity, so that wine can breathe healthily without Breeding mold. Of course, for Mingxin wine cabinet, this is naturally not a problem, and wine can enjoy the breeze of nature in peace.

The last "Heng" is "Hengxin". The healthy growth of wine cannot be separated from a clean air environment. If the wine is placed in the newly renovated wine cellar, the formaldehyde in the air will also affect the wine quality. Therefore, it is best to use bricks and logs for the decoration of the wine cellar, and try not to paint or paint without formaldehyde. Another manifestation of fine wines like people is that second-hand smoke is also harmful to wine, so smoking in the wine cellar or exhibition hall also risks “smearing” the aroma of wine. In addition, some harsh wine collectors also suggest that if you use a humidifier in a wine cellar, you must also use pure water, because tap water contains high alkali, and the water vapor produced will also harm the wine.

LED Champagne Cabinet

LED Champagne Cabinet

Which one should I ask customers to drink tonight? Or simply hold the phone and let the customer choose? The ideal “champagne cabinet” with the seemingly harsh “six constant conditions” is a wine cellar with clean decoration, reasonable layout and suitable for all seasons. If space and cost are limited, then A constant temperature wine cabinet is indispensable, and the specific size and grade of wine cabinet depends on the amount of wine and the value of the wine. Speaking of the worst wine storage environment, there are also professionals who have done countdown rankings. Among them, the trunk of the car "topped the list." This summer, the temperature easily broke 40 degrees, full of odors, and crazy vibration. The place is a "quasi grave" ". It is followed by a kitchen with a large temperature difference, cabinets with wine bottles standing upright by direct light, dry and smelly refrigerators, and dusty and vibrating bed bottoms, etc. These places are all the purgatory of wine The ground must be kept away.

Store wine for thousands of days, use wine for a while, don't let any "6 constants" delay your time for wine tasting.


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