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What Exactly Is An Ice Bucket?

Dec. 27, 2019

Like a gust of wind across the Pacific Ocean, the "Ice Bucket Challenge" swept across the Taiwan Strait and the US from three places. Many celebrities have experienced the taste of ice water splashing in the head and have "wet themselves" to build momentum for charity.

So what is an ice bucket? In fact, an ice bucket is a bucket for chilled wine or drinks on the table.

China LED ice bucket for sale, here to provide different styles of ice buckets, friends look at the "through heart cool" ...

Ice buckets are made of plastic, rubber, stainless steel, acrylic, crystal, etc., as well as precious tin ice buckets. The method of use is different. The simple one is to put ice cubes directly in the bucket. As shown in the figure above, high-tech content is to put ice and cold water in the ice bucket to the shoulder of the wine bottle, and set the timer to the time you choose. The longer the time, the lower the cooling temperature. Ice buckets can reduce the temperature of the wine to the best without compromising the quality and flavor of the wine.


1.Red, green, yellow, blue, purple, cyan, white and other monochrome displays, colorful dreamy gradients, soft light, and good decoration effect.

1. It has a fixed color function, which can be controlled by the buttons on the panel to achieve different luminous effects. You can choose your favorite color at will.

2. With infrared signal control, you can adjust the brightness of the light, that is, the speed of change, and the changing mode of the light color.

3. It is powered by a rechargeable button-type lithium battery, which is convenient, safe, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

4, using frosted PC, good light transmission effect, bright colors, environmental protection.

5. Use low voltage power supply, safe and reliable, low power consumption and long service life.

6. Colorful cycle color change, rechargeable, remote control, fixed color, dark light adjustment, blinking speed adjustment.

Custom bar LED ice bucket as a bar private club | cocktails and other places of entertainment and common places for food exchange tools, its design requirements will become particularly important, if too traditional There was nothing new, so starting from the traditional reception ice bucket tools, our company has developed a series of fashionable and creative LED luminous ice buckets. Find a bar in the winter and a drink is a great way to soothe your body and mind.

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Illuminated Ice Buckets

A small LED ice bucket is really a must-have. Illuminated ice buckets can chill a drink in 15 minutes. More importantly, its beautiful appearance can also give people a pleasant physical and mental effect. After putting the beverage bottle in the small ice bucket, the small ice bucket will freeze it in the soft LED light. The constantly changing LED light is both fascinating and can indicate the time and effect of ice. Imagine that with a piece of melodious and soothing music, friends or lovers drank at the table, and the favorite glass bottle drink slowly swirled in the soft light of the ice bucket and the overflowing water vapor, wouldn't it Do you remember the most beautiful winter day?

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