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The Best Temperature for Champagne

Sep. 12, 2023

THE bar LED ice bucket supplier shares this article for you.

Any wine needs to be cooled before being poured into a wine glass in order to reach the appropriate serving temperature. Different types of wine have different serving temperatures. Today we will talk about the serving temperature of Champagne wine.

Under normal circumstances, the ideal serving temperature of champagne is 8-10℃. When the serving temperature of champagne is lower than 8℃, the temperature of champagne will numb the taste buds on the tongue, thereby inhibiting people's perception of aroma substances; Champagne is served at a temperature higher than 10°C, and the body will become thicker and lack vitality.

Of course, when we drink champagne, we do not need to "strictly abide" this principle but should be adjusted flexibly according to different types of champagne, different years, and personal tastes.

The aroma of old vintage champagne is more complex and more varied with temperature changes. In addition to its own fruity and floral aromas, it also develops mineral aromas over time, as well as aromas such as toasted bread, toasted almonds, vanilla, and spices. These complex aromas will slowly bloom from the cup as the temperature rises. If the temperature is too low, or if you drink it too quickly, you may drink up the champagne before you feel the aroma.

Champagne cooling method and matters needing attention

The best serving temperature for a bottle of champagne is just like what makes good champagne. There is never a fixed standard and answer.

Drink it at a slightly lower temperature and enjoy the refreshing taste of champagne and the vibrant bubbles. Drinking at a higher temperature, you can feel the wonderful evolution, layering, and complexity of the champagne aroma. No matter what the temperature, or the principle, it is a serious matter to drink and share together!

Led Acrylic Ice Bucket

Led Acrylic Ice Bucket

cooling method:

1. Dip the champagne into a LED acrylic ice bucket filled with the ice-water mixture for about half an hour;

2. Put the champagne in the freezer of the refrigerator for about 4 hours.


1. The temperature of the refrigerator freezer is about 6-8℃. If you want to pair your meal with champagne, don't forget to put the wine in the refrigerator 2 hours before the meal to cool down.

2. If it is too late to cool the champagne in advance, the ice bucket is the savior of our lazy people. Add ice cubes to the ice bucket and add the same amount of water to increase the contact area with the bottle body. The total volume of ice water is about 3/4 of the ice bucket capacity. After the ice cubes melt, it will absorb heat to quickly cool the champagne. The effect is just 20 minutes.

Although the low temperature and unstable environment in the refrigerator are not suitable for wine storage, there is still a bottle of champagne in the refrigerator at home to prevent sudden attacks by friends

3. Remember, do not put champagne in the freezer for cooling. Similarly, putting the champagne glass in the refrigerator to cool will also affect the performance of the champagne bubbles in the glass.


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