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What Should You Do With Bar Service?

Aug. 04, 2020

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1. Actively promote. The waiter must always smile, take the initiative to introduce the characteristics and tastes of the drinks, and make suggestions according to the tastes of the guests.

2. Use trays when serving alcohol, beverages, and snacks, and do not take them directly by hand.

3. Before opening the bottle, cut off the metal flakes and press the soft stopper and bottle mouth with a cloth towel. Make red wine and avoid shaking it vigorously to prevent the sediment from floating. When opening sparkling drinks, you must handle them with care, and avoid facing the guests.

4. Serve the guests, don't interrupt or listen carefully.

5. The temperature must be mastered when serving drinks. For red wine, 15-17 degrees Celsius is suitable, white wine is 10-12 degrees Celsius, and beer and champagne are 6-8 degrees Celsius.

6. Drinks that need ice cubes must be iced according to the quantity. If guests want to add ice, they can add it at any time.

7. Bar guests have a long time for entertainment. Guests are slow to drink and entertain, and there should be no urging behavior.

8. If there are guests who are drunk, they must not have a contemptuous attitude, let alone make fun of them; if the drunk guests leave temporarily, leave the table food as it is.

Dome Led Ice Bucket

Dome Led Ice Bucket

Cleaning and replenishment of wine glasses

During the business, the empty cups used by the guests should be collected in time, and immediately sent to the washing room for cleaning and disinfection. Never wait for a group of guests to drink together and then collect the cups. The cleaned and disinfected wine glasses should be immediately retrieved to the bar for use. In the operation, there must be a dedicated person to continuously transport and replenish wine glasses.

Clean up the countertop and dispose of garbage

Bartenders should pay attention to frequently cleaning the countertop, and put away the empty glasses, straws, and coasters used by the guests on the bar counter. Throw the disposable straws and coasters into the trash can, and send the empty cups to be cleaned. The countertops should be wiped frequently with wet towels, and there should be no traces of dirty water.

The empty bottles to be recycled should be put back into the bin, and other empty cans and garbage should be gently placed in the trash can and sent to the trash room in time to avoid long-time odors. The ashtray used by guests should be replaced frequently and cleaned after replacement. Strictly speaking, there should be no more than two cigarette butts in the ashtray.


Except for the bartenders to take the items during the business, the bartenders should maintain an upright posture, stand with their legs apart, and are not allowed to sit down or lean against the wall or the table; they should actively talk to the guests and chat to enhance the relationship between the bartenders and the guests. Friendship; pay more attention to observe whether the decorations are used up, and replenish them in time when they are nearly used up; whether the wine glass is clean enough, sometimes the glass is not clean and stained, replace it in time.

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