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The Origin of Bar and the Birth of Bar Culture

Apr. 11, 2020

In many people's colorful and ambiguous memories, the bar is a series of old historical photos that frequently appear in Western urban albums. With the rapid advance of the Industrial Revolution, from the 18th century to the 19th century, prosperous cities rose from the western horizon. The bar also seemed to become the showcase of the show in the bustling city overnight. However, what is the history of the bar? When did it appear? Why did it appear? How did it prosper and develop? We know very little about this. Bar LED ice bucket supplier shares the origin of the bar for you.

Many things are the origin of a story, and bars are no exception. Bar, from the United Kingdom, to talk about the origin depends on his English name, Bar, the original meaning of the word is bar, great. The original meaning refers to a bar counter for selling wine, which originally appeared in small shops, small inns, and small restaurants on the roadside. It not only provides basic food and accommodation for guests, but also provides additional leisure consumption to excite guests. Subsequently, due to the unique charm of wine and the development of the wine industry, people's consumption level continued to increase. This "Bar" was gradually separated from inns and restaurants and became a place exclusively for selling wine for leisure. It can be affiliated with the operation. It can also be operated independently. Many American western movies will have such a scene, Huang Shamantian, one person and one ride quickly into the town. Then, the dusty cowboy jumped off the mount, led the horse to a small shop, tied the reins to the wood at the door, and then pushed open the door to the big step shop, leaving the door leaf dangling there. In most cases, the cowboys go to drink, and the shop they enter is the bar. Some people say that Bar originally meant the wood they used to attach the bridle, probably the name was loud, and everyone used him to call the bar.

Illuminated Ice Buckets For Bar

Illuminated Ice Buckets For Bar

Most people have a different understanding of the bar. The bar is a product of Western civilization. He is an important place for Western public communication. He assumes the role of a spiritual hall and a spiritual square. His business is more about mood and atmosphere. Undoubtedly, the mysterious and dreamy lights, personalized decoration, avant-garde pop or lyrical nostalgic music in the bar are an inexplicable temptation for the urbanites with a tense life rhythm and work pressure. To a certain extent, the bar is more like a city's pursuit of self-worth and a personal extension of space. Literally, for the interior design of a modern-style bar, first look at the word "modern style". It has two types, one is modern style and the other is post-modern style.

Bar means serving beer and wine. A place to consume alcoholic beverages such as wine and cocktails. Bar mostly refers to entertainment and leisure bars, providing live bands or singers, professional dance companies, and "dancing girls". The high-end bar also has a bartender performing wonderful bartending. There are many types and styles of bars, ranging from the lowest-level "dive bar" to elegant venues that provide entertainment for the elite.

The bar originally originated from the western pub during the development of the western United States. The Bar word did not have the service of "beverage counter" until the 16th century. Later, with the development of the times, it has evolved into a comprehensive consumption place that provides entertainment and other services.

People living in the city are under more stress, eager to relax their hearts, eager to be nervous, and anxiety can be released and relieved in a suitable place. The bar is a place that allows people to relax, relax and relieve stress Now, most people working in the city are tense and busy. After a day of exhaustion, there should be a place for them to release their stress. At the same time, it seeks a resonance to achieve communication and understanding between the soul and the mind. So the bar appeared in our lives unconsciously.

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