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How to Choose a Wine Cabinet?

Apr. 03, 2020

With the improvement of the quality of life, people are more aware of how to enjoy life. Of course, wine is an indispensable item for those who understand life. Many people also like to collect various wines while tasting. Owning a wine cabinet has become a pursuit of taste and an elegant attitude to life. So, how can you choose a wine cabinet that is your favourite and practical? The LED champagne cabinet supplier provides some tips for you.

I. Wine cabinet size

The wine cabinet size mentioned here is the size of a custom wine cabinet. Before the decoration, you must make the necessary measurements to determine the size of the wine cabinet. The size design of the wine cabinet must also be based on practicality. The size of the wine cabinet must not be practical for the sake of beauty. Inconvenience caused by daily life, the size of the wine cabinet must be fully considered for coordination and coordination, and the overall coordination cannot be disrupted because of the size of the wine cabinet.

The design is based on the location of the wine cabinet. The height should not be too high. The first is to avoid the centre of gravity of the wine cabinet is too high. The stability of the wine cabinet cannot be guaranteed, which causes safety risks. The second is the inconvenience when taking wine.

Second, choose according to your actual situation

If you are a professional wine collector, it is recommended to use a compressor wine cabinet, which is characterized by fast cooling, good results, stable performance and long service life, which is especially suitable for professional storage of wine.

If you are an ordinary wine lover or new to wine, it is recommended to buy a semiconductor electronic wine cabinet. Its advantages are low noise, lightweight, no vibration, and low price, but it also has the disadvantages of smaller storage space, low-temperature control range, and shorter service life. Therefore, consumers should choose according to their actual conditions.

Third, according to the type of Tibetan wine

Generally speaking, wine cabinets are roughly divided into decorative wine cabinets and functional wine cabinets in terms of function; from the material, they are mainly divided into wooden wine cabinets and electronic wine cabinets. Different wine cabinets should be appropriately selected for the corresponding wine cabinets. Collect it to better maintain its flavour.

Western and Liquor

If wine and liquor are stored, it is recommended to use led champagne cabinet display to highlight the taste of the collection. The wine cabinets sold in home stores are basically decorative, and the decorative wine cabinets must match the overall home style.


If it is wine, it is best to use a functional wine cabinet. Functional wine cabinets are usually electronic wine cabinets. Constant humidity and temperature can keep the best quality of red wine. If the budget is sufficient, owners who like to collect red wine can go to the wine wholesale centre. , Wine house, professional wine cellar and other places to buy, this can ensure the quality of the wine cabinet.

Types of wine: If it is white wine or champagne that requires lower temperature storage, a compressor wine cabinet is recommended; if it is mainly red wine, and some white wine (in many cases), then compressor wine is recommended The double temperature zone wine cabinet in the cabinet stores different wines, while the general semiconductor wine cabinets are single temperature zone; if all are red wine, then both wine cabinets can be considered.

Led Champagne Cabinet Display

Led Champagne Cabinet Display 

Aged wine

The aged wine should use a wooden wine cabinet because it is equivalent to a small wine cellar, which can better maintain the flavour of the wine.

Purchase according to the quality and quantity of Tibetan wine

If the price is higher, the quality is better, and the life cycle is longer, the compressor wine cabinet is recommended. Its performance can maintain and improve the quality of the wine and help the appreciation of the wine. Otherwise, you can use a semiconductor electronic wine cabinet.

Secondly, depending on the quantity of wine to be stored, choose wine cabinets with different volumes and volumes according to the quantity of wine to be stored; the quantity of wine is small, and it is recommended to use a semiconductor electronic wine cabinet, and the unit cost will be lower.

Five, choose according to the use time of the wine cabinet

If the wine is stored for a long time, the requirements for improving the quality of the wine through the storage of wine are relatively high. It is better to use a compressor wine cabinet; on the contrary, if you often take wine and store wine for a short time, you don't care about the performance requirements of the wine cabinet, you can consider Semiconductor wine cabinet.

Brand factors

The impact of the brand is first reflected in the image, and secondly in the aspect of quality management. Well-known brands will increase image points and increase trust in wine cabinets. But brands cannot represent everything. If the economy permits and pays more attention to the brand image, it is recommended to buy some branded wine cabinets or even imported brands; if it is considered from a practical point of view, then consider all factors to choose a suitable wine cabinet.

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