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What Are the Advantages of Acrylic Champagne Cabinets?

Mar. 30, 2020

I believe everyone will find a phenomenon, when you find champagne racks of various sizes and different shapes in the bar, and all are made by acrylic. Why are businesses more inclined to use acrylic display racks? What are the advantages of acrylic champagne racks?

Acrylic is a thermoplastic that is easy to process and dye. When it meets the champagne cabinet, an incredible chemical reaction occurs. Acrylic is easy to form, which provides the possibility for the realization of a wild design model. The primary purpose of the champagne cabinet is to attract customers' attention. The creative design that matches the product is the core, and choosing the right manufacturing materials is an important guarantee.

Champagne Cabinet

Champagne Cabinet

High light transmission

Champagne cabinet in the bar will inevitably be equipped with a lot of lighting to achieve the lighting effect, and the acrylic material has a light transmission of more than 92%, so in many cases, plexiglass materials are used to make light boxes or small display stands . Acrylic's rich colors complement the champagne cabinet. Acrylic champagne cabinets can be processed and dyed according to the design, with many styles and small color differences, which truly meet customer requirements and highlight the unique charm of the product.

Easy installation

Acrylic boards are easy to process and connect, and can be directly bonded and combined, so that they can be combined with different installations. This installation mix adds beauty to the champagne display stand. Acrylic champagne cabinets are sturdy and durable, with long service life and low manufacturing cost. The LED champagne cabinet is flexible and simple to assemble, convenient to disassemble and transport.

High surface finish

You must choose a high-quality MDF, because the appearance of a poor-quality MDF is uneven and rough. Therefore, when choosing, you should choose a plate with high density, smooth appearance and paint. The surface finish of the acrylic board is very high and fully meets the requirements.

Improve overall image

Acrylic display racks help increase brand awareness. You can silkscreen LOGO or advertising patterns on acrylic champagne racks, which helps brand promotion and increase visibility. LED champagne cabinet for bar can not only display products, but also produce advertising effects and help increase sales.

Wide processing range

In addition has the "plastic crystal" the good name of the acrylic and has the excellent weather resistance, especially applies to the outdoor, lives in the other plastic crown, and has the good surface hardness and the luster, the processing plasticity is big, may make each kind of required shape and the product.


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