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Is Led Acrylic Ice Bucket Safe?

Mar. 24, 2020

Food packaging materials, food utensils, and auxiliary materials, equipment, tools and other materials and products used to process and prepare food are collectively referred to as food contact materials. Common food contact materials include plastic, metal, acrylic, glass, ceramic, and fiber products.

Acrylic is derived from the English word acrylic, commonly known as plexiglass, and the chemical name is Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA). Polymers obtained by the polymerization of acrylic acid and its esters are collectively referred to as acrylic resins, and the corresponding plastics are collectively referred to as polyacrylic plastics, of which polymethyl methacrylate is the most widely used. Acrylic is by far the most excellent variety of synthetic transparent materials with good quality and reasonable price. In recent years, it has gradually been used to produce packaging materials for high-end foods, such as red wine pourers, kitchen condiment boxes, and plastic dishes. Authors are welcomed and widely used.

Application of acrylic in food contact materials:

In view of PMMA's high transparency, high hardness, and relatively cheap price, currently, food contact materials mainly composed of acrylic in the field of distribution include food packaging containers and tools:

Food packaging containers: acrylic snack boxes, LED acrylic serving trays, acrylic plastic cups, acrylic condiments cans, acrylic sealed cans, acrylic transparent flat-top oil bottles and other food containers;

Food packaging tools: acrylic cake stand, acrylic multilayer food display stand, acrylic art drink straw, acrylic plastic ice shovel, LED acrylic ice bucket, etc.

The application of acrylic in food contact materials is becoming more and more extensive, and its safety risks have gradually attracted public attention. Regardless of the addition of methyl methacrylate additives or PMMA products, monomer residues may exist due to incomplete polymerization during the polymerization process or aging and degradation over time.

Led Acrylic Ice Bucket

 Led Acrylic Ice Bucket

At present, in response to the use of methyl methacrylate as the starting reaction monomer or additive, China's "Announcement on the Publication of List of 107 Kinds of Resin Used in Food Packaging, including Polyadipamide, etc. (Ministry of Health Announcement 2011) No. 23) "stipulates that the migration amount of methacrylates is ≤ 6 mg / kg, and that of maleic acid used for polyester as a plasticizer is ≤ 30 mg / kg.

Led wine display supplier remind you: Due to the difficulty and high cost of acrylic production, there are many low-cost and low-cost substitutes on the market. These substitutes are also called "acrylic", which are actually ordinary organic boards or composite boards (also called sandwich boards). Ordinary organic boards are cast with ordinary plexiglass cracking materials and pigments. The surface hardness is low, and it is easy to fade. The polishing effect is poor after grinding with fine sand. The composite board has only a thin layer of acrylic on the surface and ABS plastic in the middle. It is easy to delaminate under the influence of thermal expansion and contraction during use. True and false acrylic can be identified from the slight color difference and polishing effect of the cross section of the board.

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