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The influence of British bars on future generations

Apr. 26, 2020

The 4 bottles LED ice bucket supplier will share the impact of the British pub on future generations from three aspects.

1 The connection between British bars and sports

The British pub has a thousand years of history. During this period, its popularity with the British has not changed. As a leisure place for the British, a bar is also an important place for the activities of various clubs, societies, and organizations. As we all know, the British love outdoor sports in cricket and football, and they are said to have originated in bars. Not only that, but the rules used in today ’s cricket match are also still in the eighteenth century "Ham Breton" club in the "racket"

The bar was first formulated. As the times change, the bar changes slowly in form. The most popular bar on the streets of London today is the "sports bar", which is a large-screen TV installed in the bar, and people watch sports programs while drinking. Of course, the most attractive is the football game. Football is a topic of eternal charm in the bar. The British have already formed the habit of watching football while drinking beer. Whenever there is a football match, England fans will definitely watch it in the bar. Especially in the European Cup or World Cup, the bar is overcrowded. The British would rather squeeze into the gap between people than sit quietly at home watching a game. Many fans and friends gathered at the bar to cheer while drinking beer. The hot atmosphere in the bar was enough to infect everyone.

The happy bar owners seized this great opportunity and all displayed the banner "Watch a football game, please go inside" in front of the bar. The Englishman's enthusiasm for football provided the bar with opportunities and the bar's business was particularly prosperous In 2002, when England and Denmark played, the bar beer sales amounted to about 80 million pounds. According to the Xinhua News Agency ’s London reporter in June 2004, the British Beer and Bar Association estimated that the British and French wars alone will bring bars to the bar. The extra income of £ 30 million. The closeness of English football and bars is obvious.

2 The connection of the bar to drama and music

A bar is a place where British people relax, and naturally, it is also the place where many entertainment activities are held. In addition to drinking and chatting, people can also participate in various activities, such as wit games, live singing, and the most lively thing is dancing with the music. By the end of the week, there are more people and more lively, men and women, dressed in casual clothes gathered in the bar, laughter, and vocal. Especially young people in their twenties, listening to cheerful music, are eager to move. Whenever jazz sounded, they indulged in the charming notes and couldn't help jumping. Its madness is simply a catharsis of the soul and a complete relaxation.

Bars are inseparable from music, music is the soul of the bar. Music endows the bar with a certain cultural connotation, giving the bar a realm of entertainment that is beyond the ordinary, making it have a deep meaning. The bar has brought joy to people and created a group of talents. As early as the sixteenth century, British homeless artists often

In the center of the yard of the bar, a stage was set up, and the rich sat on the balcony of the bar, while the poor were crowded around the stage. This is an early theatre in the United Kingdom and a place where entertainers make a living. Today's popular music is often spread from the bar, and many popular bands initially started their preludes in some local bars. The world-famous Beatles, also known as The Beatles (an English rock band), became famous in the 1960s. Its founder John Ley and his brothers were in the Cavern Bar on Matthew Street in Liverpool. For the first time, it played music that later influenced generations. Today's Liverpool, the hometown of rock music, has hundreds of bands throughout the city, and every teenager here has the dream of one day achieving the same glory as the Beatles. In addition, the bar is also a place for music lovers to show their talents. People can bring their own musical instruments, and everyone gathers in the bar for a concert. Sometimes someone sings solo, sometimes everyone sings in unison, the music is harmonious. There are also many bars that occasionally invite popular bands to sing and cheer, and guests only need to buy a drink to watch free live music performances. -While drinking beer, listening to music, and then ordering a cigar, is there anything more pleasant than this?

3 The connection between bar and literature

The special status of the bar in British minds determines its close connection with English literature. Since ancient times, the British have a special liking for the things in the cup. A bar is naturally a good place for them to entertain and make friends; of course, it has also become a meeting place for literati and Mok. The beautiful rustic scenery of the English country pub has attracted countless poets and writers to express their feelings. It is said that Shakespeare was a frequent visitor to bars and inns, and often wrote scripts while drinking beer. Many other famous writers and poets have lived or wrote about British bars. The bar has become one of the themes in the literary collection, and Dickens's series of descriptions of the bar has become a special scenery.

In the "Canterbury Tales", the great British writer Jeffrey Chaucer of the fourteenth century described a group of pilgrims gathering at the Taba Hotel before heading to Canterbury for a pilgrimage. He wrote: "The owner welcomed us warmly and arranged for us to have a seat. He served us the best wine and wine. The wine was strong and everyone was having a great time." 18th Century English scholar Samuel Johnson said : "None of the world's creations so far has brought infinite warmth and happiness to people than a bar." + Nineth-century British realist writer Charles Dickens has traveled all over England to truly reflect the status quo of society, Collecting material for his novels. He described British taverns or small hotels in many places in the novel. In "Pickwick Gaiden", he borrowed the words of a traveling salesman and described the scene of a small hotel that he often visited. "On a dark, humid, cold night, the lonely Thomas Matt sat in a slow-moving carriage. At this time, he came to the door of a roadside hotel. After a quick look, he thought it was a very nice place. The bar There was a lamp in the window between them, the light was strong and pleasant, the bright light hit the road, and the opposite fence was also illuminated; there was a red flash in the opposite window, which was only vaguely visible at the beginning, not for a moment It brightly lit just behind the curtains. It showed that the fire inside was burning vigorously. This situation lured him to quickly dismount and enter the house. Less than five minutes later, Tom was settled in the house. From the fire stand In the mirror above, he saw the charming view of the bar. Rows of delightful green bottles, small jars of pickles and preserves, cheese and hot ham, and steaks were all placed on the food rack and lined up. It ’s extremely tempting and delicate. ”Dickens used concise and concise language to accurately describe the attractiveness of the inn.

Through the wonderful descriptions of several great writers, we have experienced the long history and far-reaching culture of British pubs, and also felt the reason why pubs are loved by British people. In this indifferent and advocating freedom country, anyone who comes to the bar can feel the hospitality of the owner, and experience freedom. This is what everyone, no matter how old or young, their status is, or what they are looking forward to, is no wonder that some people compare bars to "little paradise" on earth.

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