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What Are The Benefits Of Led Wine Cabinets?

Jan. 10, 2020

A wine cabinet is a freezer that stores wine. According to the refrigeration method, it can be divided into: electronic semiconductor, compressor direct cooling type, frequency conversion air cooling type, according to material: solid wood wine cabinet with synthetic wine cabinet, synthetic wine cabinet using electronic, wooden board, PVC and other materials. The most widely used in the city is the synthetic wine cabinet series.

The led chapagne cabinet supplier believes that led wine cabinet for bar china. The wine cabinet has become an indispensable landscape for restaurants. The different wines on display are colorful, which can add a lot of gorgeous colors to the restaurant.

Comparison of wine cabinet and wine cellar:

In order to maintain the good quality of the wine, regardless of its price, it should be stored in a suitable environment after purchase. For small collections, just keep away from light and constant temperature. The wine cabinet on the market has the functions of constant temperature, constant humidity and so on. The exquisite red wine is a symbol of elegance and nobility in the bar decoration.

Three Layers Champagne Wine Cabinet Display

Three Layers Champagne Wine Cabinet Display

If you need to store a large amount of wine, you should have a constant temperature and humidity cellar. Traditional wine cellars are built from wood because wood is a natural material that can be stored for more than a century. And the wine cellar must be 3-4cm away from the wall, so as not to be easily affected by external temperature and humidity, to ensure that the wine will not deteriorate due to oxidation.

However, in today's society, most people do not have the conditions to dig a cellar on their own. Therefore, wine cabinets are the best substitutes for wine cellars.

A good wine rack is an essential part of a wine cabinet. Wooden wine racks have three functions for wine cabinets:

1. The solid wood wine rack in the wine cabinet can effectively absorb vibration and play a role of shock absorption;

2. Through three layers champagne wine cabinet display can reflect the quality of storage conditions. The wine rack has fine and smooth grooves, parallel or vertical, so that different shapes of wine bottles can be safely stored, which is convenient for wine collectors to manage;

3. The fragrance of the wine rack can make the wine richer. Because the solidity of the solid wood wine rack before roasting, drying, and time will bring different flavors to the wine rack, during the fermentation and storage of wine, the wood aroma of the solid wood wine rack will be dissolved into the wine through the corks Makes the wine richer.

Comparison of other wine cabinets

A semiconductor wine cooler is an electronic wine cooler that uses a semiconductor cooling chip as an electric heating refrigeration system. The compressor wine cooler is an electronic wine cooler that uses a compressor to cool the main refrigeration system.


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