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Summer Practical Guide: How to Choose a Wine Cabinet?

Jul. 11, 2020

Good wine needs to be preserved by a good wine cabinet. For wine lovers, a suitable wine cabinet is very important for the storage of wine. But what kind of wine cabinet is a good wine cabinet?

What is a wine cabinet? Wine Cooler or Wine Cellar?

Wine cabinets are cabinets used for storage and display. They are made of solid wood or metal.

But the wine cabinet is different from the general cabinet, it comes with refrigeration (precisely maintain a constant low temperature), shockproof (when the wine cabinet is working, it can greatly reduce the vibration and keep it stable), UV glass door and air circulation (Prevent the growth of bacteria) and other functions, can protect the wine from outside influence. Some wine cabinets even have the function of controlling the air humidity in the wine cabinet, so that the wine stopper maintains a good seal.

Although the wine cabinet is good, it is not a panacea. Generally speaking, wine cabinets are suitable for storing wine that will be consumed in a short period of time, and its shelf life is about 1 year.

If you want to collect a large amount of fine wine for a long time, it is best to have a wine cellar (Wine Cellar). The environment of the wine cellar should be protected from light, constant temperature and humidity (temperature is about 12.8 ℃, air humidity is about 60-70%), in this case, the wine can be stored for decades or even hundreds of years (if the wine has such a strong age Annual capacity).

However, for many people, it is quite difficult to create such a place/room to store wine, and 90% of the world’s wines are suitable for drinking in a short time, so compared to the wine cellar, the wine cabinet is a very Ideal way to preserve wine.

The wine cabinet is needed because it is practical and beautiful

As we all know, the preservation of wine requires low-temperature preservation in a stable environment, and the temperature fluctuation cannot be too large;

The air humidity should not be too high or too low so that the wine stopper is not easy to dry and crack or moist moldy; to avoid sunlight because ultraviolet light will accelerate the speed of wine oxidation;

Violent vibrations can easily deteriorate wine. The role of the wine cabinet is to "care for" the wine so that the wine is in an optimal state and is not so easy to deteriorate.

In addition, because of the cooling function, it also allows the wine to maintain a suitable drinking temperature. After the temperature of the wine cabinet is set to suitable drinking temperature, the wine taken out of the wine cabinet does not need to be specially chilled but can be opened directly for drinking.

In fact, for many families, the wine cabinet has become an indispensable landscape in the restaurant. Illuminated wine cabinets can display fine wines of different bottle types, different colors, and different origins, which adds a lot of gorgeous colors to the restaurant.

What kind of wine cabinet is a good wine cabinet?


Compressor Wine Cabinet VS Semiconductor Wine Cabinet

The compressor is mainly cooled by gas-liquid conversion. It has the characteristics of fast cooling (20-30% faster than semiconductor wine cooler), good cooling effect and large capacity.

The semiconductor wine cabinet (Thermoelectric) uses semiconductor chips to cool the electricity. It has the characteristics of no noise, no vibration (there is basically no vibration when the wine cabinet is working, and the shock absorption function is more superior), no pollution (no refrigerant), and small size.

The temperature control range of the compressor wine cabinet is large, and the cooling function will not be greatly affected by the outside between 5-22°C. The temperature of the semiconductor wine cabinet can only be 8-10℃ lower than the outside temperature, which is not applicable in high-temperature areas.


Single temperature zone wine cabinet VS dual temperature zone wine cabinet

The single temperature zone wine cabinet means that it has only one temperature sensor and temperature controller. This kind of wine cabinet is generally more suitable for the situation where a certain type of wine is mainly used (for example, the home wine is mainly red wine, and a few bottles of white wine).

It should be noted that the temperature of the bottom of the single-zone wine cabinet and the top of the wine cabinet will also be different (the larger the wine cabinet, the more obvious the temperature difference). Generally speaking, the temperature of the bottom is lower and the temperature of the top higher. The dual temperature zone wine cabinet has two temperature controllers, and red wine and white wine can be stored in partitions.


Wooden wine cabinet VS metal wine cabinet

The mainframe of the wooden wine cabinet is made of solid wood, and the appearance of high-end luxury solid wood has a very artistic sense of furniture. It can be well-matched with mahogany furniture and red sandalwood furniture, reflecting the elegance and nobility.

Moreover, solid wood can generally exude the fragrance of wood, and it is a living carrier. Using a living wine cabinet to store wine with precious life complements each other.

Metal wine cabinets are mainly made of various metal materials and synthetic plastics. The general appearance is more fashionable. The metal texture wine cabinet can also bring a little tough feeling.

In addition, if the shelf for wine bottles in the wine cabinet is made of metal, pay attention to how strong the shelf is. It is possible to put 750ml of ordinary bottle-type wine without problems, but when placing heavy bottle-type wines such as Champagne and other sparkling wines, the shelf cannot bear the weight, bend and deform or even break.


Can control the air humidity in the wine cabinet

Many wine cabinets only have ventilation function, but no moisture control system. Without a moisture control system, the air humidity in the wine cabinet is usually 40%. If there is a moisture control system, the air humidity in the wine cabinet can be increased to 50% or more.

In the case where the air is too dry, the cork stoppers used to seal the bottles are easily dried, the sealing is poor, and even cracked, allowing the wine to deteriorate easily. The ideal air humidity is 60-70%.

Illuminated Wine CabinetIlluminated Wine Cabinet

Illuminated Wine Cabinets


The temperature fluctuation in the wine cabinet should be small

Refrigerators also have a cooling function, but the performance of wine preservation is worse than that of wine cabinets. The reason is that the actual temperature in the refrigerator is quite different from the set temperature, and it is often in an unstable state. It is difficult to ensure the temperature requirements for wine storage.

Although there are professional precision temperature controllers in the wine cabinet, the accuracy and stability of the temperature control are better, but different quality wine cabinets have different temperature control accuracy.

For example, for a very good quality wine cabinet, the actual temperature and the set temperature only allow an error of 0.6°C; while a slightly inferior quality wine cabinet may differ in actual temperature from the set temperature by 2.8°C.

The temperature in the wine cabinet also fluctuates. To protect the wine, the best way is to fill the wine cabinet. When the wine cabinet is filled with wine, it takes longer for the wine cabinet to reach the set temperature. When the liquor in the wine bottle also reaches this temperature, the temperature fluctuation in the wine cabinet will become smaller.

Because the role of wine at this time is equivalent to the temperature regulation effect of a piece of water on a certain area, which can reduce temperature differences and large temperature fluctuations.


Wine cabinet size

Wine cabinets are not suitable for long-term storage of wine. The size of the wine cabinet should be based on the amount of wine you consume. If you can drink 1 bottle of wine in a week, then a wine cabinet with a capacity of 52 bottles is enough; if you can drink 2 bottles of wine in a week, then wine The storage capacity of the cabinet should be 104 bottles of wine.

Placement, cleaning, and maintenance of wine cabinet

(1) Do not install or place the wine cabinet directly in the direction of the door. The airflow brought when opening and closing the door will affect the service life of the wine cabinet.

(2) The wine cabinet should be placed in a place free from direct sunlight, away from heat sources, and well ventilated. But don't put it in a place with heavy humidity or splashing water, it is easy to damage or rust the wine cabinet.

(3) Place the wine cabinet on flat and solid ground and evacuate the packaging base to reduce vibration and noise. When moving, the inclination angle is not greater than 45°.

(4) Thoroughly clean the wine cabinet once a year. Before cleaning, pull out the plug and empty the wine cabinet, and then use a soft cloth dipped in water or soapy water (non-corrosive neutral cleaning agent can be used) to gently scrub the cabinet. Do not spray directly with water or scrub with a hard brush or steel wire.

(5) Replace the activated carbon filter in the vent above the wine cabinet every six months. The shelf is replaced every 1-2 years to prevent the hidden danger of the wine from the deformation and corrosion of the solid wood shelf under high humidity.

(6) Do not put heavy pressure on the inside or outside of the wine cabinet, and do not place heating appliances and heavy objects on the top table of the wine cabinet.

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