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Bar Operation, How Should We Manage Our Wine Cabinet?

Jul. 04, 2020

A wine cooler, as one of the most important components of a bar, how do we manage our wine cooler during our bar operation? Today we are going to talk about some tips on LED champagne cabinet management.

First of all, let's take a look at the definition and function of wine cabinets. As the name suggests, wine cabinets are shelves for storing, storing, and displaying wine, with the purpose of safety, practicality, and beauty. Where will there be a wine cabinet? First, there will be bars in the bar. No matter what kind of bar, the wine cabinet is an indispensable part. Second, there will be a wine cabinet in wine cellars, shopping malls, and other places. The material of the wine cabinet is generally a wooden wine cabinet, a stainless steel wine cabinet, and a wine cabinet formed by combining glass and stainless steel. Introduced the basic knowledge of wine cooler, we will talk about the management of wine cooler next.     

1. Place

When it comes to displaying, we must put the first principle of the wine cabinet-display first, so when we place our drinks, we must be the positive label of our wine bottle facing the customer, do not expose the secondary label Come. The number of each wine cabinet is actually very important. If your wine cabinet is deep, then we must arrange the wine in a triangular shape or place it in the wrong position so that our wine can be more. The ground is seen by the guests, so our wine cabinet has the most basic meaning of its existence.    

Most of the champagne cabinets are composed of different grids, so we need to partition and classify the wine cabinets before we put the drinks. After we have sorted the partitions, we will arrange our drinks. , So that our wine cabinet looks clear at a glance, the second is to facilitate our operation, and at the same time, we can find the wine that the customer needs more quickly when recommending the wine to the guests. This is very important.

There are also some wine bars in the bar that are stepped, so how should we arrange such wine bars? First of all, the first row must be some of our most commonly used drinks, such as base wine, syrup, etc., followed by our glasses of spirits, etc. What is generally put in the last row? Undoubtedly, it is the town store product of our bar. In fact, no matter what kind of wine cabinets, we can arrange them according to the principles of zoning, classification, and convenient operation, and our town store products are generally placed at the highest point of the wine cabinet or "C" Bit.     

Champagne Cabinets

Champagne Cabinets

2. health

It's back to the eternal and vital topic of hygiene. Apart from routine hygiene, wine cabinet hygiene is the most important hygienic link in every bar, and it is also the most easily neglected link. When we manage our bar, we must clean the wine cabinet hygiene regularly and check it irregularly. Wine cabinets are all lit. If our hygiene is not up to standard, our guests will have a hazy feeling when they see the wine cabinets. This is an effect of light and fine dust together.

When we clean the sanitary of the wine cabinet, we must take down our drinks and then clean it, why? First of all, avoid breaking our wine bottles to reduce unnecessary losses. At the same time, cleaning the wine cabinet hygiene is also familiar, the best opportunity to know the wine. When we clean the wine cabinet, we wipe it with a wet towel first, then use dry To wipe off water stains, remember that the towels we use when wiping the water stains must not be lint-free. After the wine cabinet is cleaned, we need to wipe our wine bottles clean again. It is also necessary when returning to the wine cabinet. Classification Display. The hygiene of the wine cabinet must not be overlooked.                        

3. Special preservation

When it comes to special preservation, I would like to ask everyone a question: "What kind of wine needs special preservation?" It must be something with a relatively short shelf life. We need special preservation, such as our Weimeisi, homemade The syrup, juice, and other things that need special preservation. First of all, do you have any special preservation of these things? If so, that’s good. If not, all managers need to take action. In fact, special preservation is to put our easily spoiled things into the refrigerator, so why should we store the Vermouth in the refrigerator? First, Vermes is based on wine, and secondly, Vermes contains a lot of flavor substances, and its alcohol content is not high, so we need to store it in the refrigerator after opening the bottle so that we can change More and better guarantee the flavor of Vermouth. After opening the Vermouth, it can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 months. The flavor loss is less in these 2 months. Can it be used after more than 2 months? Of course, only the flavor will be lost.

Having said so much, I believe that everyone has their own set of methods for the management of the wine cabinets in their own bars. No matter what, we must categorize them, place them in sections, regularly clean and clean them, and remember to wipe the bottles.



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