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Do You Really Know What An Ice Bucket Is?

Jun. 20, 2020

The Ice Bucket Challenge is indeed well-known. It was in 2014 to support the charity of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or "gradually freezing people."

Celebrities such as Bill Gates and Zuckerberg have launched the Ice Bucket Challenge to give people a sense of how "cold heart" trembling when a bucket of ice waterfalls from the head. But in fact, the ice bucket was originally born for wine, cold beer, cold wine, and so on.

The champagne ice bucket is a very commonly used ice-cooling tool. At major wine tasting sessions, the figure of the ice bucket is absolutely indispensable, so what should the ice bucket be used for?

01. Which wines are suitable for ice buckets

In fact, iced wine is often based on personal taste, some people just like to drink iced, and some people like normal temperature. However, there are indeed some wines that are more suitable for ice-cold, some examples.

For example, sparkling wine is more suitable for drinking after chilling. Champagne in France, Cava in Spain, Prosecco in Italy, etc.

In addition to times, there are white wines with a lighter body. Such as French Muscadet (Muscadet), New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc (Sauvignon Blanc), Italian Pinot Grigio (Pinot Grigio), etc.; are suitable for drinking after a little freezing.

Of course, there are many other alcohols, which are not listed here.

Led Ice Bucket

Led Ice Bucket

03. The application method of LED ice bucket

However, the editor wants to remind everyone that the use of ice buckets is very particular. Everyone must use the method of fighting to "cool down" the wine.

First, add crushed ice cubes and water to the ice bucket at a ratio of 1:1, as long as the ice bucket is filled with 3/4 of the capacity, do not fill it, otherwise, the water will overflow after being placed in the wine bottle;

Second, place the wine bottle in the middle of the ice bucket. It is best to keep about 1-inch thick ice under the bottom of the bottle. Do not let the bottle directly touch the bottom of the wine bucket;

Third, concentrate the ice cubes around the bottle, but don’t pack the ice cubes too tightly, otherwise, it will not help the freezing;

Fourth, let the wine sit in the ice bucket for a suitable time, and then take it out of the bucket.

04. Special considerations

There are two issues to be aware of when using the ice bucket

First, ice cubes and water should be added to the ice bucket at the same time, not justice cubes; when ice cubes and water coexist, the blocks will melt faster, so that the heat from the wine can be absorbed faster;

Second, if you want to further increase the speed of freezing, you can add a few tablespoons of table salt to the ice water, because the salt can lower the freezing point of the ice water, allowing the ice cubes to melt faster.

Finally, when the ice bucket has frozen the wine, you can try the ice bucket challenge yourself. Raise a bucket of icy cold ice water, and it will drip from the head with a clatter, and experience this kind of icy cold feeling.

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