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5 Simple Steps to Learn How to Properly Ice Wine With Ice Bucket

Jun. 12, 2020

Why do I need to add water to the Bar LED ice bucket?

As the name implies, the word ice bucket is a bucket with ice cubes. However, when using ice buckets, only ice cubes and buckets are not enough. There is also a key step, which is to add water.

If there are only ice cubes and wine bottles since the contact area between the two is too small, the two are filled with air, so the ice effect is almost equal to zero.

Why add salt to the ice bucket?

Children's shoes living in the northern region know that in winter, the salt will be used to accelerate the melting of snow on the road, and salt can also play the same role in the ice bucket.

Put a bowl of salt in the ice bucket with ice cubes and water (depending on the size of the ice bucket can be added or subtracted as appropriate), the freezing point of the saltwater can be lowered; in addition, the salt also absorbs heat during the melting process, making the ice The water temperature drops. Therefore, adding salt to the ice bucket can quickly enhance the cooling effect.

Bar LED ice bucket

Bar LED ice bucket

Steps to use beer ice bucket correctly:

The first step: prepare an ice bucket, add ice to the ice bucket, and then add water;

Step 2: Confirm that the ice water has not passed 2/3 of the wine bottle;

Step 3: Add a handful of fine salt to the ice bucket;

Step 4: Rotate the wine bottle constantly so that the liquor in each plane can fully contact with ice water;

Step 5: Wait about 7 minutes for white wine; about 5 minutes for rosé wine; about 2 minutes for red wine.

If you don't put salt, ice bucket ice wine takes about 20-30 minutes.

Do not stay in the ice bucket too long?

Many people put the wine bottle in the ice bucket to cool down, and then let it stay in the ice bucket, which can easily lead to too low serving temperature. Since different wines have different optimal sommelier temperatures, especially red wines, too low a temperature will destroy the wine's taste.

The time spent in the ice bucket is so long that the ice cubes are all melted. At this time, the bottle must be taken out and placed for 15 to 30 minutes before it is suitable for drinking.

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