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How to Choose a Suitable Store Location for a Bar?

Jun. 03, 2020

There are a lot of friends who open bars. Everyone often discusses how to choose the bar location. At the same time, many netizens are also consulting related questions. The LED wine display supplier gives you a few suggestions.

Bar rent is acceptable

Regarding the opening of a bar, everyone will have an investment budget in advance, so when you are looking for the location of the bar shop, the rent you need must be within the range you can afford. It is too important because the rent costs will account for one-third or one-half of the budget for the entire bar. Therefore, it is also the first one. Of course, the problems described below are in no particular order and are very important factors. Sometimes you may see some shops that you particularly like, but the price may be too high. From the perspective of investment and budget, it may not be suitable. Therefore, this comprehensive problem requires you to make the most correct decision according to your own situation, because every penny invested is earned by yourself or your family. So do a full consideration, don't be loyal, don't put a burden on your own heart, and you won't feel very hungry when you're not going to start business.

No disturbance or control

As a professional cocktail whiskey bar, there will be basically no such problems, because there is no high-decibel music. However, if it is clear, the volume may be much higher, so the location of the bar should also consider the factor of disturbing the people. Otherwise, after opening, there will be complaints from neighboring residents that will cause endless problems. The location of the bar shop, if there is no outside area, then you are willing to invest in sound insulation measures, it is very easy to handle. If there is a swing-out area, then it is necessary to carefully consider the comprehensive factors. Don't think about the volume of the outfield area being lower or not playing music. I will give the answer here: NO. That is totally impossible and impossible. May I ask you to spend money to drink alcohol, there is no music, are you happy? Drink high, think about it, someone will stop you, will you be happy? Don't you want to fight with him? So don’t have this kind of psychology. Once you have music, you can’t control it when you get up. Then the problem is coming. Someone will definitely complain about you. It’s not that the residents are not reasonable. I fell asleep, but there is a bar downstairs that makes it so noisy, would you not complain? So ah, the problem can be easily figured out in this way. Of course, you say that your power is greater than the sky, no one rushes you, then please feel free.

12 Cocktail Tube Serving Tray

12 Cocktail Tube Serving Tray

Landmarks are clear

Regarding the question of landmarks, Bar LED ice bucket supplier believes that the landmarks are clear and convenient for guests to drink and can be found on the map. Speaking of which, please confirm the location of the bar. During the renovation, please mark the location of the bar on the major maps, so that guests can find you. In addition to the map labels, the traffic and signs around the bar should also be clear, and the relationship with other merchants around the bar should be established at the fastest speed so that when your guests come to ask for directions, others will help your guests road. Guests will find your bar.

Small streets and alleys are also possible

This is followed by a little, as long as the landmarks are clear, small streets and alleys are also possible. As long as it is not so remote that you can't find it at all, there is more than one way to get in, so it's easier to find you. It is easier to make surprises in small streets and lanes to bring guests some unexpected things, just like you occasionally go shopping and accidentally encounter a snack bar that is very appetizing to you. It will leave you with a very profound image, and you will be happy to recommend it to others. This is what the small streets can bring you.

Around the residential area

A high-end residential area gathering place, such a place has more target guests, if Xiaoqing bar, it is necessary to do the nuisance problem mentioned above, but also the sound processing problem. If it is a professional cocktail and whiskey bar, there is no problem. It is also possible to clean the basement, whether it is on the first or second floor of the underground, but it must be exhausted. Because the bar has to smoke, the fresh air system is extremely important. The basement can solve the problem of a nuisance, but at the same time, you have to solve the air problem. There are many professional bars around the residential area of Chengdu, so this is a successful case so that guests can drink and go home.

Convenient taxi service

The location of the bar must be convenient for taxi service so that guests can go home after drinking, and it is convenient to return to the hotel. Opening a bar is not just thinking about the problem from your own standpoint. Sometimes you think about it from the standpoint of the guests. Maybe you will gain more. Because opening bars are for the entertainment service industry, then we need to think more from the standpoint of the guests, so that we can get more opportunities and guests. Think about it, if you have drunk yourself, and want to go back, you really can't find the car, how depressing it is.

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