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Introduction of Common Tools and Equipment for Bars

Jun. 01, 2020

1. The Standard Shaker

The British standard shaker consists of three parts: the body, the ice filter, and the lid. According to the capacity, there are various specifications such as 250ml, 350ml, and 530ml.

2. The American Boston Shaker

American Boston shaker is a special tool for fancy bartending because of its quick and convenient operation. It consists of two conical cups, which are a glass shaker and a stainless steel pot, or a combination of two stainless steel pots with different diameters.

3. Mixing Glass

The wine glass is a wide-mouthed, tall, thick glass with a capacity of 16-18 ounces. It is often combined with a tapered stainless steel kettle body to form an American Boston shaker, or used in combination with a bar spoon and ice filter.

4. Jigger/Measure

A wine measuring device is a tool for measuring the amount of wine. It is made of stainless steel and glass. The most common capacity of the stainless steel measuring cup is 28 ml and 42 ml.

5. Bar Spoon

A bar spoon is a bartending tool with a spiral handle, which is a long spoon for mixing alcohol. According to the length, it is also divided into large, medium, and small models.

6. Strainer

An ice filter is a tool for filtering ice cubes. It is made of stainless steel. It is often used in combination with an American shaker or a shaker. It is divided into two feet, four feet, and no feet. It is suitable for 16 to 18 ounces of American shakers. Or cocktails.

7. Squeezer

Juicer is specially used to squeeze juice-rich lemons, oranges, oranges, and other fruits.

8. Ice Scoop

The ice shovel is made of stainless steel or plastic and used to shovel ice cubes from the ice trough or bucket.

9. listings

Ice clamps are often used to grab ice cubes or drink decorations and are generally made of stainless steel.

10. lce Pick

Ice cones are tools used to separate ice cubes.

11. Ice Bucket

The LED ice bucket is used to hold ice cubes or iced when guests drink white wine and champagne. It is made of stainless steel and has different specifications and sizes.

12. Bar Knife

Bar knives are made of stainless steel and are used to cut fruit and beverage decorations.

13. Cutting Board

The chopping board is made of plastic and used with bar knives to cut fruit and drink decorations.

14. Peeling knife (Zester)

A peeling knife is a special knife used to cut linear lemon peel.

15. Pressure rod (Muddler)

The pressure stick is a special tool for squeezing the juice in a cocktail glass. It is made of wood or plastic.

16. Straw

The drinking straw is a drinking straw that is convenient for guests to drink ice or bulk drinks.

17. Stirrer

The stir bar is usually placed in a Colin cup or tall cup filled with ice cubes, which is convenient for guests to stir the drink in the cup.

18. Cocktail Stick

Cocktail sign for decoration.

19. Coaster (Coaster)

The coaster is made of paper and leather. It is used for cushioning cups or bottled drinks.

20. Juice Pourer

Juice bottles are plastic containers with inverted spouts. They are used to hold juice and other soft drinks. They have a variety of capacity specifications.

21. Squeeze Bottle

Juice squeezer is a plastic container for raw materials such as syrup and egg white.

22. Pourer

The wine mouth is inserted into the mouth of the wine bottle to make it easier to control the flow when pouring wine. The wine mouth is made of stainless steel or plastic, divided into three types: slow speed, medium speed, and fast speed.

23. Upside Down Pourer

The wine mouth is inserted into the mouth of the wine bottle, and the wine bottle is inverted and installed on the wine rack. Press the wine mouth switch to quickly and accurately distribute a certain amount of liquor. 30ml each time is a common specification.

24. Corkscrew

Wine knife is a special tool for opening wine.

25. Can Opener

A can opener is a special tool for opening cans.

26. Bar Blade

Bottlecap openers are used to open the caps of soda bottles and beer bottles.

27. Glass Rimmer

A saltbox is a special tool for making salt cups and sugar cups. It is made of plastic and can be opened and closed.

28. Condiment Holder

An ornament box is a special tool for holding ornaments, which is made of plastic material and can keep fresh.

29.Bar Caddy/Napkin Holder

The straw/napkin box is a tool that collects small items such as straws, stir bars, paper towels, etc. for easy access.

 Led Serving Tray

Led Serving Tray

30. Bar Tray

The LED serving tray is an appliance for serving alcohol.

31. Ashtray

An ashtray is a container for cigarettes and ash.

32. Bar Mat

Bar mats are plastic mats spread over the work area in the bar counter. Put the shaker, cocktail glass and finished drinks on the bar mat, which can not only waterproof but also protect the bar (especially the wooden bar).

33. Floor Mat

The floor mat is a plastic carpet spread on the floor of the work area in the bar, which can not only prevent slip, but also prevent the glass and wine bottles from accidentally falling to the ground and causing breakage.

34. Milk Shake Machine

Milkshake machines are generally only used to stir milkshakes (a beverage mixed with fresh milk and ice cream), and individual drinks prepared by the shake method can also be used to replace it.

35. Blender

A blender is an electric tool with a blade that rotates at a high speed, and is often used to prepare fresh fruit drinks, such as "papaya milk".

36. Juice Extractor

Juicer is a tool for squeezing fresh juice, such as watermelon juice, orange juice, etc.

37. Crushed Ice Machine

An ice crusher is a tool that grinds ice cubes into pieces. When using a blender to make a drink, an ice crusher is generally used.

38. Ice Cube Machine

An ice maker is a machine that makes ice cubes. Different models or brands of ice machines have different shapes of ice cubes. Common shapes include square, round, oblate, and rectangular bars. Quartet solid ice cubes are suitable for bars because they are not easily melted. The choice of ice maker is mainly determined by the ice maker's 24-hour ice making capacity.

39. Draught Machine

The draft beer machine is a refrigeration system that presses the born beer from the draft beer barrel. Draft beer machine consists of three parts: gas cylinder, refrigeration equipment, and wine barrel.

40. Coffee Warmer

The coffee heater is a tool to keep the finished coffee at a certain temperature.

41. Semi-automatic coffee machine (Coffee Machine)

A semi-automatic coffee machine is professional equipment for making Italian espresso coffee. During use, it is called "semi-automatic" because of the need to cooperate through manual grinding and powder compaction. There are many models of such machines.

42. Coffee Grinder

A coffee grinder is a special tool for grinding coffee beans, which can accurately grind the coffee powder with the required grind.

43. Bar Sink

A bar cleaning tank is a device for cleaning bar tool utensils.

44. Barrel (Bar Speed Rail)

The wine tank is a stainless steel tank for holding commonly used liquor. It is generally placed under the bartending work area for easy operation.

45. Bar Cooler

The freezer belongs to the refrigeration equipment of the bar, which is divided into vertical and horizontal types.

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