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What Is the Most Important Thing about Drinking Wine?

Jul. 17, 2020

LED ice bucketI don't know when the wine has become synonymous with health and well-being. Drinking red wine seems to be a beneficial and harmless thing, so is this really the case?

Why does red wine make health care professionals and female friends so passionate? LED ice bucket supplier for everyone to share.

In fact, within a reasonable range, drinking red wine is indeed beneficial. But as the saying goes, it's still not enough, and the same is true for drinking red wine: moderate, moderate, and timely can be healthy!

Healthy alcohol

In fact, except for people who are allergic to alcohol, normal people are not conservative and healthy.

Because our body has a certain ability to a hangover, as long as it does not exceed this amount, alcohol will not affect the body.

What is the appropriate amount of wine? Doctors and winemakers suggest that the drinking amount of wine is 300-400ml per person per day for men and 200-300ml per day for women.

Healthy time

The best time to drink alcohol is from 7 to 9:30 in the evening. During this time, the activity of alcohol dehydrogenase in the human liver increases, and alcohol is more easily metabolized.

But after 9:30, the deeper the night, the lower the hangover ability of the liver. Therefore, although the wine is good, it should not be used to accompany the good night. It is better to taste the wine earlier and gradually enter the night.

Healthy way

Isn't it all right if the wine volume is controlled and the time is controlled? Of course not, but also choose a healthy drinking method. For example, simultaneous food and drink, drink plenty of water when drinking, tea, coffee, alcohol, etc.

1. Healthy way-alcohol and food must be synchronized

Remember not to drink on an empty stomach. The wine itself has appetizing and digestive functions.

Therefore, especially for those who have a bad stomach, they can eat wine while drinking wine, and drink together when drinking. Healthy and does not hurt the stomach.

2. Healthy way-drink plenty of water when drinking

I don’t know if you have such experience. When you drank a lot of wine during dinner, you would feel thirsty when you wake up in the middle of the night, and it is difficult to fall asleep after waking up.

This is because we do not drink water or drink very little when drinking wine, and the wine itself has a diuretic effect.

If we only drink alcohol but not water, alcohol will rise rapidly in the body. Therefore, when you drink at the table in the future, there must be a glass next to it and drink as much water as possible.

3. Healthy way-do does not drink with tea or coffee

We usually put wine and teacups together, but wine and tea are not suitable for drinking at the same time.

Drinking alcohol promotes faster heartbeats and faster blood circulation, and tea and coffee also have this function.

Especially after drinking too much alcohol, drinking strong tea or coffee will be more harmful to the heart.

LED wine display supplier reminds you: whether it is drinking wine, white wine or foreign wine is the same. Pay attention to moderation, do not drink mixed, do not drink after taking medicine, etc.!

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