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Correct posture of bar management staff tray

Sep. 21, 2019

Correct posture of bar management staff tray shared by LED acrylic serving tray supplier.

In order to provide professional services to customers, bar management has strict requirements on employees' etiquette, appearance and even behavior. The tray, as the basic tool used by the bar to transport various items, shows the image of the bar in front of the customers. The correct use of tray is the basic operation skills of every bar staff, but also can improve work efficiency, improve service quality and standardize service behavior.

In the process of using the tray, the staff should achieve the following basic standards: the left hand acrylic shot glass serving tray, in general, five fingers will be towed on the bottom of the tray, the bottom of the tray and the palm must have a certain distance; Joints at 90 degrees, arms a fist away from the body; Center of gravity as far as possible perpendicular and slightly rely on your wrist and arm into 90 degrees, not too high or too low, the palm of the hand moderately open; Be careful to place heavy objects on the side of your body when placing things on a round tray.

LED acrylic serving tray supplier

Bridge Shape Snack Dish LED Serving Tray

When using the LED serving tray, employees should pay attention to: the steps of employees should be balanced, the tray should be towards the left and front of the body, and the eyes should be in front of the eyes. If there is a guest coming from the front or from the side to take the initiative to side let the guest go first, then continue to move forward; When you take the empty tray back, hold the tray with your right or left hand and walk upright near your pants.

The use of the tray is divided into four steps, the first step is the tray, which should pay attention to wipe the tray clean, on the tray folded on the clean flower pad and special dish cloth so beautiful and non-slip; The second step is to put the tray in a reasonable manner according to the shape, weight, volume and order of use of the object. The heavy and high ones are put in the inside (side) and the light ones are put in the outside. The third step is to lift, tray to lift the left foot or right foot forward a step, the body forward tilt at the table 30 degrees - 45 degrees or so, the hand on the table, pay attention to the tray's stable and gravity grasp. The fourth step is to send, tray walk to do shoulder flat, straight upper body, two eyes flat, the front tray does not stick abdominal arm, do not support with the pace of walking tray can be free before the abdomen swing, but the amplitude is not too large should keep drinks, soup does not overflow, make the posture of the tray generous beautiful, light check freely.

Customers can often find the level of service quality of a bar from the details, and the attitude of the staff tray, the pace of the tray can affect the customer's feelings in the process of enjoying the service. Therefore, bar managers should pay attention to the details of staff training in the process of tray, so that every moment to give customers beautiful enjoyment, let customers feel the bar quality service level.

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