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Knowledge about beer ice bucket

Nov. 02, 2019

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As the name implies, the word "ice bucket" means the bucket with ice. This name often makes people think that the only tool for ice beer is to add ice to the bucket. However, when using ice buckets, only ice and buckets are not enough. There is another key step, which is to add water. If there is only ice and wine bottle, because their contact area is too small, they are filled with air, so the effect of freezing is almost equal to zero.

beer ice bucket.png 

Because ice melts faster in water, the heat of beer is absorbed more quickly. First put a certain amount of ice into the bucket, and then add water. The ratio of ice and water is about 1:1, and the total volume of ice water is about 3 / 4 of the capacity of the bucket. Finally, when placing the beer in ice water, it is recommended to leave a layer of ice about 2cm thick between the beer and the bottom of the barrel.

Put a bowl of salt in the ice bucket with ice and water, which can make the freezing point of the salt water drop; in addition, the salt will absorb heat during the melting process, making the temperature of the ice water drop. Therefore, adding salt into the ice bucket can quickly enhance the effect of ice cooling.


Let's talk about the correct use of beer ice bucket

Step 1: prepare an ice bucket, add ice to the bucket, and then add water;

Step 2: make sure that the ice water has not passed 2 / 3 of the wine bottle;

Step 3: add a handful of salt to the ice bucket;

Step 4: rotate the wine bottle continuously to make full contact with the ice water;

Step 5: wait about 7 minutes for white wine, 5 minutes for peach red wine and 2 minutes for red wine.

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