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Bar service is the soul of the bar

Oct. 26, 2019

In the final analysis, the bar management relies on the bar culture hidden in the bar itself, including the bar's business philosophy, bar service plan, etc. It is emphasized here that the service and management of the bar and its importance must be just right.The most important thing in the bar service is the eyes. Eyes can never leave the guest, so as not to miss the needs of the guests.

Wine service skills

1. Beer service

Beer, especially some high-brand imported beer, is usually served in small bottles. Large bottles of beer are now only available in banquet services, and two different beers have different services.

The service procedure for small bottles of beer is: Put a clean cup and beer on the acrylic shot glass serving tray. Place the tray behind the guest. Hold the bottom of the cup and place it on the right side of the guest. Pick up the beer with your right hand and the label of the bottle is facing the guest. Pour the beer into the cup on the table. When pouring the beer, the beer should be poured into the cup along the wall of the cup. Do not pour the beer too fast to avoid too much foam. When the cup is full, the cup has a circle of foam. If the beer in the bottle has not been finished, place the bottle on the right side of the table cup and the bottle label is facing the guest.

Hexagon shape Beer LED ice bucket

Hexagon shape Beer LED ice bucket

2. Wine service

(1) Wipe the bottle with a napkin.

(2) Then hold the bottle with your right hand and point the label toward the owner. Pour about 30ml into the owner's cup to let the owner test the wine. When pouring the bottle, don't touch the body. The bottle mouth can't touch the cup mouth. (If there are several wine glasses on the table, a small glass of white wine, a large glass of red wine).

(3) After the owner has confirmed the wine, the first guest on the right side of the owner will start drinking alcohol for the guests (not more than 2/3 of the wine glass). The alcoholism must be served from the right side of the guest, counterclockwise, and finally the master. Add wine.

(4) After all the cups have been finished, the white wine should be placed in the bar LED ice bucket. If it is requested by the guests, it can be placed directly on the table. The red wine should be placed on the service desk or on the table.

(5) A red wine can be served with a napkin to add beauty. The white wine in the ice bucket can be covered with a napkin.

(6) Cut aluminum foil and cork should not be left on the table or placed in an ice bucket. It should be placed in a pocket and thrown into the trash can.

(7) To inspect the guest's wine glasses, less than 1/3 should be added to the guests.

(8) After a bottle of wine is finished, ask the owner if you want to add another bottle of the same wine, or choose another wine from the wine list, if you add a bottle of the same wine, unless the owner asks, Otherwise, you don't have to change the cup, but there are some restaurants that ask the guests to try the wine again. Just open the stopper and repeat the test procedure. If you add a different table wine, you must replace the wine glass on the table to repeat the procedure for the wine tasting service just mentioned.

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