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Introduction to bar supplies

Oct. 17, 2019

The bar is a very personal entertainment place, of course, it also has the unique cultural atmosphere of the bar. From the decoration design of the bar to the selection of the bar products, it is necessary to accurately display the design soul of the bar. This achieves the emotional release of each customer. This is a good bar decoration. Which bar supplies do we use in the decoration and decoration of the bar?

In the early stage, the decoration of the bar was mainly from the general structure to select the necessary supplies. For example, for the decoration of the wall, we generally use the wallpaper, and we will choose the personality and the unique style, which is low-key luxury, giving you a kind of The visual experience has never been seen before. The material is biased towards non-woven fabrics. It has good breathability and toughness, and the printed images are pure and vivid, which can play a good role.

In addition to the decoration of the wallpaper, the selection of the lamps also has a very large effect. The selection of the lamps is in line with the style of the wallpaper, or the retro-style industrial water pipe wall lamp, which has a strong retro style, as if it can feel the years. The vicissitudes of the vicissitudes of life; or the American-style idyllic bamboo chandeliers, natural materials, environmentally friendly and preserved original flavors; a retro American country-style retro wall lamp, beautiful shape, adding an elegant wall . There is also an illuminated ice bucket that creates a dreamy atmosphere. No matter which style of lighting, the wallpaper and the wallpaper have achieved a strong cultural atmosphere.

The bar bar is also one of the bar's supplies, with a sleek and simple rotatable bar, so that you can stay away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, so that the soul can return to the simple and quiet pastoral style bar bar, you will take you Experience the beauty and freshness of nature. The solid wood bar is also a very good style, the thick solid wood, the delicate and different feelings in the classics, let us have a good aftertaste.

In addition to the hardware in these decorative processes, the daily utensils in the bar are also part of the bar supplies, such as a goblet, a cocktail, a high-quality glass, and a high-grade black for the cup. The main color, stylish and beautiful; stainless steel ice, using the special food grade stainless steel ice, will not destroy the concentration and taste of the wine itself. There is also an LED ice bucket, which further enhances the taste of the wine.

From the decoration of the bar to the daily utensils, there are a lot of bar supplies. The above is simply a brief introduction from the accessories used in the bar's decorative style, as well as some of the most basic items. Of course, we can also learn about some bar supplies from every bar we go to, because every style of bar supplies, the effect of decoration is a visual feast, let us feel the unique art, taste A hundred good life.

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Introduction to bar supplies

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