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How Do You Adjust Mojito At Home?

Sep. 02, 2020

LED ice bucket supplier teaches you how to Adjust Mojito.

Mojito was born in the romantic era of the Cuban Revolution-or earlier. Pirates riding the wind and waves on the Caribbean Sea, using sugar cane juice and rum, have been busy with parties since early morning. The origin of rum is in Cuba, and it uses sugar cane brought by Columbus. The fertile soil, water quality, and sunlight make the newly planted sugarcane grow steadily in Indian chiefs. The sugarcane with Cuban wind and sunshine is made into sugarcane shochu and put into log barrels. After fermentation, it becomes a unique rum.

The improved version of Mojito incorporates fruits, alcohol, mint, and tropical fruits. It is not only suitable for summer beaches, but also suitable for taking home, so this wine floats from the cabin into the bedroom.

Ingredients for making a cup of "mojito" at home: Tools: shaker, measuring glass, rolling stick, bar spoon Ingredients: mint, lime (or Watson lime juice), mango, Morin syrup, Bacardi Super Lang Ham, Watson's soda, ice cubes.

[Rum] Here we are using super rum.

[Syrup] The traditional Cuban recipe actually uses sugar cane juice, but it is more convenient to use syrup, which can be made at home.

[Green lemon] Green lemon, green lemon, green lemon, important information should be said three times. Green lemons are not yellow lemons. Green lemons are fresher and taste sourer than lemons. The amount needed for a cup of Mojito is about two limes.

The addition of lime is not a coincidence. Mojito was invented by a group of British pirates. In the Middle Ages, lime was often used in sailing to prevent scurvy. If you don’t have fresh limes at home, you can use lime juice instead.

[Soda water] The soda water commonly used in bartending is Watson's soda water.

[Mango] The mangoes used in bartending are small mangoes with a more fragrant flavor. The advice to everyone is: When buying mangoes, the mangoes that need to be blended should be those with higher ripeness. For bartenders, you can choose some immature ones. If you are not sure when you will use it, you can buy unripe mangoes and put them in a rice jar to ripen them before use.

Led Ice Bucket Supplier

Led Ice Bucket

The first step in bartending is to choose a cup. The cups suitable for each different cocktail are also different. Usually, you can choose either a Hypo cup or a classic cup when making Mojito, corresponding to the different needs of the amount. The mango Mojito is often used in Hypo cups because it contains fruit pulp. Here, we take the Haibo Cup as an example.

Pick mint

When we mix Mojito, mint has two uses. The first is the main ingredient of the taste, and the second is the decoration of the finished product. These two functions require the use of mint leaves and buds. Therefore, when picking mint, cut a stem that contains a shoot and 4 leaves, as shown in the picture. Another advantage of this is that the mint will grow more branches horizontally after being picked, instead of becoming a "silly tall".

Then do a simple treatment on the mint, pick off the larger leaves under the shoots and leave them as main ingredients, soak them in water and wash them briefly.


, The fragrance of mint is getting stronger with the pressing. Put the cleaned mint leaves into a cup, and pour 1 ounce of syrup at the same time (you can increase or decrease according to taste), and then use a rolling stick for rolling.

Tips: When choosing a rolling rod, it is not advisable to use more active metal or plastic materials such as paint or surface coating, aluminum, etc., so as to avoid dissolving unnecessary and harmful substances in the liquor. The length of the pressing rod should not be too short, at least longer than the depth of the cup, so as not to obstruct your fingers by the edge of the cup when squeezing.

Usually, with rolling, you can smell a very strong mint fragrance. The degree of crushing is about enough to see the scars of mint, but do not damage the shape of the leaves.

Cut fruit

Green lemon has two uses here. In addition to being a seasoning, it can also be used as a decoration. The boss is here, showing his passion, and teaching everyone how to make a simple wine glass decoration with lime. Here, we first cut the lime. Cut across. Then cut half into small pieces and a half in half.

There are two ways to make mangoes. One way is to cut the mango into larger pieces and crush the mango-like mint. This method saves time. Generally, mango juice will be more, and the mango flavor in wine will be stronger, but there are also drawbacks, that is, the shape of the mango is destroyed, and the wine is not so clear because of the misty mango juice. The boss said: When mixing at home, if you don’t care about the taste of the wine, time is tight and you can take this approach.

Here is another approach. The mango is pitted and cut into three pieces. Then the mango is cut into very small diced mangoes. Use a bar spoon to separate the diced fruit from the skin and put it into a wine glass. Although this method is not so rich in mango juice, you can drink the mango fruit through a straw, just like lying on a beach in Cuba.


Squeeze out the lime juice of half of the lime, which is about 1 ounce. If you are using fruit juice, it is about this amount. You can increase or decrease it according to your preference.

1) Pour into the shaker:

Here we are using a Japanese style shaker, which has better airtightness and a built-in filter. The boss recommends that novices use this shaker to be easier to use.


There are two styles of the shaker, one is the Boston Shaker, which is a two-piece type, the lower is a glass shaker, and the upper is a stainless steel top seat. When used, the two seats can be combined; the other is a standard Shaker. Three-piece type, including lower seat, ice trap, and upper cover; be sure to cover the ice trap first, and then add the cover to avoid liquid spillage.

The sealability of the Boston kettle is not so good, so it is not recommended for novices to use it. You can mix the wine at home and choose a good seal.

2) Add rum and ice cubes:

3) Close the lid in turn and hold the shaker:

The technique of holding a hip flask is to hold the bottle with one hand (left hand) and control the cap and body with the other hand (right hand). Note: the palm of your hand is empty, only touch the hip flask with your fingers. In this way, the temperature of the hands will not have much influence on the wine in the bottle. The next scene, as often seen in movies such as "The King of Gambling"-

Stop until the bottle body starts to frost. Then open the bottle cap and let the wine flow through the filter into the wine glass——

Add soda

Put the cut green lemon into the cup and pour soda water to the desired height.

This is a glass of tiered wine, consisting of syrup at the bottom, mint leaves, mango diced, tuned rum, and freshly added lime. We need to stir slightly to blend the flavors with each other, while also allowing the bottom The mint spins up and improves the appearance of the wine.


Carefully cut the peel of the lime with a knife to nearly one-half, and then use a toothpick to make a channel of appropriate size.

That's right, there should be mint sprouts on the table that we haven't used. Insert the stem of the sprout of mint into the small hole, and cut off the excess with scissors.

At this point, the small decoration is ready. It can be inserted on the rim of the cup. In this way, a cup of Mango Mojito is ready!


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