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Comparison of Chinese and Western Bar Cultures (Part 2)

May. 18, 2020

LED wine display supplier believes that: unlike the West, the bar culture in China also shows the phenomenon of being "elitist" and "aesthetic". Because, in China, it is not affordable for the general public to consume at bars. Foreign beer, aged wine, international DJs, various fashion activities, etc. Even the same bottle of beer, the maximum is 10 yuan in the supermarket, the minimum is 20 yuan in the bar, and many bars have not less than 30 yuan Minimum consumption. Coupled with the fact that Chinese people like to go to bars with friends in groups, consumption is generally very high. Therefore, the bar is far from the life of ordinary civilians.

In China, the pub consumer group is mainly composed of young people. The bar is the place where they seek imagination, dreams, venting, and communication. Clubbing, for young people, a few years ago represented a fashionable life, but also a fashionable expression of urban life. Now, clubbing has become an important part of the urban nightlife for young people. The bar provides an important position for young people who like rock music, and the stage of the bar also provides space for young and talented singers to grow, such as Dick Cowboy and Zhang Liangying have sung in the bar. In addition, many young people are interested in independent films, experimental dramas, avant-garde arts, and other works, also mainly explored on the bar stage. Bar culture in China is also an important place for young people to experience strange trends and experience alternative pioneers.

In different regions of China, the bar culture also has different interpretations and expressions. As the earliest port opened in China, Shanghai has been immersed in Western culture for more than a hundred years, making Shanghai's bars have a deep impression of Western culture in terms of external architecture and internal culture. Most of the bars in Shanghai are built in old houses. They are nostalgic, refined, and gentle. The tone is nostalgic and superior. When you open the door, you will feel like you are in a foreign country. "Fancy years, moon-like spirit, snow-like exquisiteness, beautiful life ..." This is a "flying dream" in Shanghai and the epitome of Shanghai bar culture.

Led Serving Tray

Led Serving Tray

As the political and cultural center of China and the intersection of Chinese and Western cultures, Beijing has the largest number of bars in the country, with a total of about 400 homes. The people who often go to clubbing are mainly foreigners in China, international students, businessmen in the country, white-collar workers, artists, university students, people in the entertainment industry, and economically-social idlers. The bars in Beijing are the most diverse in the country, and they are mostly decorated and well-serviced. The bars in Beijing are also more distinctive and individual. For example, "car bars" that use abandoned buses; "football bars" related to football; "movie bars" where you can watch movies; "artist bars" full of artistic sentiment; and "museum bars" full of car licenses "Wait. Style, taste, environment, atmosphere, and other factors have all become the standards for measuring the quality of a bar, not just decoration and music. For young people in Beijing, the bar is not just a fashion, but a way of life.

Shenzhen is an immigrant city. On the one hand, the people in this city are young and full of energy, full of blood and passion, and everyone is looking for their dreams and realizing their own values. On the other hand, they are a group of people living in other countries. Stay away from loved ones and friends. Deep in the heart there are spiritual panic and emotional needs. Coupled with the pressure of survival, they need a space to release pressure. They need a place to resolve loneliness. Therefore, the bar culture in Shenzhen shows a connotation of immigration culture, quiet and lively, rough and delicate, messy and elegant, sober, and dreamy. As part of urban life, it also reflects some extent the living conditions of these immigrants.

Some people say that the bar is a product of culture, and "bar" allows the Chinese to recognize the things outside, and to integrate with the outside world.

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