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Comparison of Chinese and Western Bar Cultures (Part 1)

May. 11, 2020

Bar LED ice bucket supplier introduces you: About the source of the bar, it is said that when people in the Midwest of the United States were riding on horseback, they passed the small shop on the street and tied the horse to the door. On the grove, go in for a glass of wine, take a break, and then continue on the road. Such a small shop is called BAR.

Judging from the origin and status quo of the bar, it is an activity space for the public to consume leisurely, it is also a thriving new cultural landscape, and it is also a harbour for clubbing to release pressure. The appearance of bars in China began in some large cities in the 1990s. In the wave of reform and opening up and the market economy, many new leisure methods, communication methods, and cultural forms have emerged at the historic moment. Unconsciously, the bar has also integrated into the lives of Chinese people. Since landing in China, the alien culture of the bar sings all the way, bringing the city and young people into the arms without exception. Its emergence and subsequent development are inextricably linked to the economic, social, and cultural development of entire China, and its pace has always caught the pulse of the development of the times. With the acceleration of the urbanization process and the improvement of residents' consumption levels, the development of bars in China has shown a prosperous development trend.

In Western bars, people do not need to consider their social status, rank, and etiquette issues, as long as they behave appropriately, they meet the basic communication rules. The bar is a very lively place with music, wine, and many people. A bar is also a free place. Westerners like a group of people to talk and talk while drinking, drinking, and talking. People communicate and communicate equally and freely. They respect each other's views.

Bar LED ice bucket supplier

Bar LED ice bucket supplier

LED Champagne Cabinet supplier believes that: Bar culture is essentially an important expression of Western culture. The bar is the standard model of its cultural expression, it belongs to a new type of entertainment culture. Europeans say: looking for someone, not in the office or at home, go to the bar; not in the bar, definitely on the way to the bar. This sentence sounds exaggerated, but it does reflect the important position of the bar in the lives of Westerners. Most people in the West regard the bar as a place for socializing, entertainment, and eating. Westerners often communicate in a bar, unlike the Chinese who like to bring friends to their homes. Many important gatherings of Westerners, such as birthday parties, wedding commemorative parties, etc., are held at the bar.

In the United Kingdom, in the British society known for its indifference, the formation of the bar culture is regarded as promoting social interaction. Because when people queue, they can talk to people who are also waiting to buy alcohol. Similarly, on the British Isles, talking with strangers is only considered “perfectly appropriate” normal behavior on the bar. There is a piece of advice in the booklet "Bar Passport: A Guide to Tourist Bar Customs": "If you haven't been to a bar, you haven't been to the UK." It can be seen that you want to understand British life The core of the culture, the bar is essential.

The pub is such an important place in the hearts of the British. All neighborhood contacts and friends are basically held in the pub. Drinking beer in the pub is also a simple and easy way to integrate into society. Normally, the conservative British In the bar, the man showed another publicity, and the performance was most vivid. Unlike Chinese, Chinese people like to visit each other's homes and chat in private spaces. In China, under the influence of a long traditional culture, people are not used to dealing with strangers, and they will not make friends as quickly as Westerners. Most Chinese clubs go to familiar bars with friends who are familiar and sit in a pile at the bar. Even if he goes alone, he is happy to be a lonely and lonely soul under the lively appearance of a bar. Therefore, domestic bars are different from the West, and most of them are designed with many private rooms and semi-isolated decks.

The bar represents the trend catching up and fashion taste. The bar is accepted and recognized by more and more people under fashion packaging. In China, the taste is reflected in the decoration and style integrated into Western culture through the bar. In the eyes of Chinese people, the life of a bar is to show off its personality, to go beyond extremes, and to be different from others. This can be seen from the bar decoration, name, and service methods. Many bars are shabby and quaintly decorated, the lights are dim and chaotic, and the names are weird and confusing.

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