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Most People Don't Know about Acrylic

Feb. 29, 2020

Many people don't know about acrylic products. In fact, we often come into contact with them in daily life, but we never know about them. Like the jewelry display racks, cosmetic display racks, LED acrylic serving trays in hotels, and so on. These are made of acrylic, but for those of us who don’t understand, they have always thought they were made of glass. Acrylic products are now very common in the market. If you don't know what acrylic products are, then it's out. You may not know anything about acrylic products before, but today 2 LED ice bucket suppliers are dedicated to let you know what acrylic products are from the two aspects of performance and use.

What is acrylic? In essence, acrylic is a plastic polymer material. The name of this western style is transliterated from English Acrylic. It is a general name for a class of chemicals, which mainly includes monomers, plates, pellets, resins, and Composite material.

Plasticity is a very important feature of acrylic itself, so it can be processed into many types of acrylic products such as LED acrylic ice bucket, acrylic artificial marble, acrylic resin, and acrylic paint adhesives. These products are basically made of Raw materials such as acrylic granules, plates or resins are processed through different processing methods, which is different from artificial fibers such as acrylic fibers and acrylic cotton.

Led Acrylic Serving Tray

Led Acrylic Serving Tray

What is acrylic?

Perhaps from a professional perspective, it is difficult for us to understand what is acrylic. So how do owners know if a product is acrylic when they look at the materials? Usually acrylic has the following characteristics:

1. Speaking of acrylic, the first thing to mention is its high light transmittance. Acrylic is also known as "plastic crystal", with a light transmittance of up to 92%, and is considered as an alternative to glass. Acrylic boards can be seen in the display cabinets of many shopping mall products, which can clearly show the appearance and aesthetics of the product, and can prevent the damaged fragments from damaging the product like glass;

2. Strong impact resistance. The impact resistance of acrylic products can reach sixteen times that of ordinary glass. On the basis that the light transmittance is comparable to ordinary glass, it is safer to use;

3.Acrylic board has high hardness. The hardness of the material will directly affect whether the board will shrink and bend. The average Darrow hardness value of the acrylic board is about 8 or 9 degrees, so weather resistance is a major feature worthy of praise.

Acrylic is the most widely used in home decoration is acrylic bathtub and acrylic artificial stone countertops. Acrylic countertop is a kind of artificial stone countertop with ultra-fine alumina as filler. It basically has the characteristics of weatherability and mechanical properties of acrylic material. There are two things that need to be noticed in the acrylic table top: its high temperature resistance and wear resistance. The highest temperature resistance of pure acrylic is only 120 degrees, and the highest temperature resistance of composite acrylic table is 90, which is not as good as quartz stone in heat resistance. Therefore, when using an acrylic countertop, try to avoid direct contact with hot objects, and place mats before placing hot objects.

Of course, acrylic products not only can be used for interior decoration, it is also widely used in various fields. Whether it is decoration, construction, advertising, home furnishings, etc., these industries have a very high evaluation. Knowledge!

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