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Do You Know How To Enjoy A Glass Of Wine?

Dec. 05, 2019

Appropriate drink, it is the interest of life not only, more have profit to the body, drink red wine already is the choice of more and more people, but often because of the small detail that drinks, let a cup of good wine greatly discount! Pay attention to these points, you will not live up to the hands of every bottle of good wine!

1. Suitable drinking temperature

The appropriate drinking temperature is determined according to the type of wine, different types of wine have different drinking temperature.

However, the physicochemical properties of red wine are very active. Generally, red wine tastes best when drunk at 16℃-18℃, white wine tastes fresh and refreshing when drunk at 8℃-10℃, and sweet wine is balanced when drunk at 5℃-6℃.For wines of the same type, the appropriate drinking temperature is different. The suitable drinking temperature of full-bodied wine is usually 18℃, while that of light-bodied wine is usually 14℃.

The taste of red wine at room temperature is different from that of red wine at 13 degrees Celsius, which can even be compared before and after a woman removes her makeup.Because of our profession, we often use several glasses to taste a wine at different temperatures.Use an ice bucket to hold the red wine after the bottle has been released.Dazzling LED champagne ice bucket can emit red, green, blue, white and mixed color light source, to achieve different lighting effects, bring us a visual feast, let us feel the charm of life.

 LED Champagne Ice Bucket

 LED Champagne Ice Bucket

2. Plenty of time to sober up

Wine decanting is an important part of wine decanting. It can reduce the cork and soften the tannins.Decanting time should be judged according to the time that wine can be aged, a bottle of fine wine with long aging time needs to decanting 1-2 hours in advance

A bottle of plain wine aged for a short time takes 30 minutes to decant.Not all wines require decanting time, and fine wines that age for a long time do not need decanting during adaptation.When in doubt, decanting for 20 minutes is the safest.Open a bottle and wake up for 20 minutes, the style of wine can also change dramatically.Additional white wine and sparkling wine need not decanter, can drink directly.White wine is the fresher the better to drink, sparkling wine in the glass, the best time to bubble evenly.

Good wine never sleeps

After opening the bottle of red wine, due to excessive contact with air, resulting in the rapid oxidation of aromatic substances in the wine body, tannins and other rapid decline in taste, no matter what kind of fresh-keeping stopper you use, it is impossible to completely guarantee the stability of red wine after opening the bottle.After all, the wine is still oxidizing. If it oxidizes too much, it loses its flavor.

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Bar LED Ice Bucket

Bar LED Ice Bucket

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